Our Story

Art Brass Plating Inc. (ABP) was established just after the turn of the century as a manufacturer of builder’s hardware. Around 1915, nickel plating was added to the operation. Sometime prior to World War II ABP concentrated on being a decorative plating and polishing shop providing cadmium, zinc and silver in addition to copper, nickel chrome and brass finishes.

When we expanded into the plating of hearth products the company moved from its original 1,200 square foot building. Since then we’ve added two additional buildings. Art Brass Plating now has over 25,000 square feet of plating, polishing, powder coating and bumper repair. We are Seattle’s premier metal finishing shop.

Over the years we have built an extensive customer base to include auto bumper restoration, collector car hobbyists and motorcycle enthusiasts. Our customers also include: the manufactures of large trucks, store fixtures, high and espresso machines.

We are committed to continually upgrading and modernizing our equipment and processes. We have a strong commitment to our workers. We are located in Seattle, WA where we employ people with a high skill level in repair, polishing and electroplating.

About Art Brass Plating