Environmental Compliance

A Step Towards The Future

Environmental concerns are a number one priority for Art Brass Plating. From wastewater treatment, hazardous waste disposal, to the latest in process technologies. Our staff places the environment and its resources first and foremost.

Our waste water is controlled by daily monitoring and laboratory analysis. This involves the amount of water consumed, to the parts per million of metal that we are permitted to discharge by our Publicly Owned Treatment Works. This analysis is conducted by a contracted laboratory. This facilitates compliance and the results are submitted to our county on a monthly basis.

All hazardous wastes generated, solid or liquid are handled by our trained staff members to be contained and packaged for disposal by our licensed and bonded Hazardous Waste Disposal Service for the proper environmentally controlled disposal. The record of these activities are retained for greater than twenty years.

Our Chemist and Technical Director has twenty-five year of training certifications in environmental treatment, handling and compliance. Not just in Washington State, but also in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Environmentally Friendly